Whoa! Thailand is removing some-more restrictions

So, Thailand is getting closer and lifting some more restrictions on entry. Now it's even easier to come and visit us:

For the fully vaccinated:

1) Cancellation of PCR test on arrival.
2) You can book any hotel, no need to book SHA Plus
3) No need to book SHA Plus airport transfer
4) Mandatory insurance reduced to 10000 USD

For the unvaccinated (!!!!)

If tourist uploads negative PCR test given 72 hours before arrival to Thailand Pass = same rules as for vaccinated (CANCELLATION OF CARRANTINE)

If the tourist did not do this, then:
1) Quarantine for five days in quarantine hotel with PCR test on days 4-5.
2) The amount of compulsory insurance has also been reduced to 10000 USD

The changes are expected to be effective from May 1, but the publication in the Royal Gazette will not be until the beginning of next week.

Recall that from July 1, 2022, Thailand plans to abolish altogether the system of issuing Thailand passes and fully return to the former rules of entry.